We accept major insurance plans. The list that you may find online may not be complete as this information is changing and updating. Please call the office for the current and most updated list of insurance plans.
Yes, your provider can order any labs needed for your treatment plan. You can also have your labs drawn in the office.
Our provider treats patients as young as 15 years old, a parent(s) or legal guardian must be present at the appointment for patients under 18 years of age.
If you have a residence or “domicile” and have established care within the state that your provider is licensed, then you would be able to see a Priority Health and Wellness provider while at college or traveling, etc., as long as you plan to return to your home state.
All the vendors and systems we utilize for our services are HIPAA compliant with signed Business Associate Agreements. All documents are stored electronically with a high level of encryption. We prefer to communicate through the patient portal to ensure privacy.


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